Excel At Excel With Excel

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt chainguns longish mines rated two-path
Created 2008-11-30
Last Modified 2008-11-30
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description Odd action map I came up with. Should I keep my current style? Decide Here! []

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... damn this was fun...5/5 and faved for life...tiles rocked my socks, gauss and rocket placement was right on... is my AGD...could be improved a ton...
Demo Data

this is fine

i liked this type of lvl

but before this yours lvls was better.. but ok
keep in this way that u will rise.

3.75 up

im enjoying this way.

can u check my last 2 lvls?
thankz ^^


Decently fun



Tbh this was quite a linear map.

It looks nice

but I don't like the playstyle. It isn't as open as some of your older ones are.


Instead of lecturing me, why don't you say something about the map? My comment actually was related to it.

Anyway, I don't particularly like it, but the rocket placement was OK. NR

Good point

I was just tetchy about something unrelated :/ And I wanted it to be fairly cheatable, otherwise it would have been too linear and tough imo.

Calm down guys

RF, I'm sure he wasn't purposely trying to aggravate GTM. And besides, he doesn't have to comment on every map he see's.

Tough map, though I like the use of trap doors, even if it is a bit cheatable.



Instead of just posting one word, that is only intended to aggravate the author, how about you actually give feedback related to the map.


anyway....twas a good map, some fo the jumps go me mad, but overall good...4/5
If you knew that why didnt you comment before?



i like abstract