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Author SkyRay
Tags action author:skyray rated
Created 2008-10-14
Last Modified 2008-10-14
by 5 people.
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Description no side effects, that means its delicious

an action map made out of my race tileset {slightly edited}

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Whatever obscure, useless definition you're hinting at aside, in this context, the correct word is clearly "effects".

I like it alot

Just nice layout, nice tileset and for the most part nice enemy placement. At times it does feel a little cluttered though.

Death demo.
Demo Data


really like the bottom...

Demo Data



"Side affects" is a perfectly grammatical phrase.
I think normal doors are not the best to use in races like this, though. You're better off changing the enemy placement than adding other objects like that.



Wow cool

I like how every single mine is placed inside a circle part of the tileset. This plays pretty well too. I dont like the top left because its to restricting with a thwump in the way, a laser and a rocket.

quite difficult

i probably owe some people dedications, if i do just leave a comment on the map i should owe you a dedication for mentioning it