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Author Domination
Tags author:domination dronemod nreality puzzle rated rocky-drone
Created 2008-07-14
Last Modified 2008-07-14
by 9 people.
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Description Spitfire []

A rocky drone puzzle. Don't get left behind!! :D Enjoy. This one is rather easy but quite long and puzzley.


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I just posted my demo before I noticed you had posted yours. However, mine is alot closer to all gold. Here's what should have been my speedrun until I screwed up royally.
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way way way!

faster! And just one gold short of all gold.
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we have identical ending to our demos! :D but there's just a 40 sec gap between the submissions so i hope u can trust me.. :P
Demo Data

I haven't looked at any demos so I don't know if anyone's used this route yet but it's faster then not using the rocky drones at all and certainly faster than using them the entire way. However, I'm not sure it's the fastest possible route.
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Nice map

A little bit to slow and easy for me though. I rated this already, I think I gave a a 4.

Btw - Are you submitting our collab? Or am I supposed to?


I like it.


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if i didnt mess up the corner jump the 2nd time n the upper part too, i think it will be quicker, but the surprise factor is the main attraction.. :D
4, because it's built well offers more ways of completion than first meat the eye.
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Really isn't worth the hastle then is it TRT_Bardock. Still, a very nice demo! :D


here is your "out of the box" completion! :D
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Ok now you can. :P

Heh, wait right there. :P

Btw nice corner jump :o
interesting demo.. :P if only the exit key was more accesible...
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Yeah, speed was limited. I can't wait to play with trigger mods! I'm like a little kid in a candy shop! :D


trust unreality to come up with awesome mods and trust domination to make awesome maps with them.. :D

speed of the demo depends on the speed of those drones so wasnt able to go much faster..
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Slow sucky demo.
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