Covered in shroud

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Author Domination
Tags author:domination odd-flow race rated rave-to-my-race
Created 2008-07-13
Last Modified 2008-07-13
by 7 people.
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Description A race I made. The flow is hard and odd so I tried to keep it short. Whilst still retaining good fun and aesthetics.

Inspired by Btttrx.

You may have problems with the flow but that's the point; it's not supposed to be easy. Especially the top right. But you get some awesome close calls with chaingun crossfire

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loved the style

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The flow is good and the tileset looks appealing. But the enemy placement is quite shoddy, several times I was killed even though I had seemingly followed the flow.

In an open map like this where the flow isn't completely rigid, you need to give us a little leniency.



the flow is ok for most of the time, so are the tiles, it's so open-spaced it doesn't even seem a race... nice map, 4/5

here's my demo: it seems to be quite shorter than yours despite i took the same path... i don't get all this difference...
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Oh damn. I was saving that for something special -_- I thought I was on 99 XD


did you notice its your 100th map?
but other than that, its good. Nice tiles. 4/5

Flow demo. With nice close calls in top right.
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