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Author kisler
Tags 4-part 5-tiles a action author:kisler is message playable rated subliminal teleporters this
Created 2008-04-29
Last Modified 2008-04-29
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description This four-maps-in-one idea is old and tired, but I wanted my own shot at it, with teleporters. If you want to make a 4-way map, you can use the teleporter frame if you like.
Short description of each part:
Top left: Easiest of the 4. It's really fast, too. You can ascend to the top very quickly, and the gausses add a nice challenge.
Top right: Second easiest. Inspired by 5-0 in N. Ending it is a bit difficult, as it's hard to make that last jump while simultaneously dodging another drone.
Bottom left: The hardest and longest of the bunch. I randomly splattered 5 tiles everywhere and then made it playable. That mine is kinda tough to get by.
Bottom right: Almost a sequel to Disturbed Nature, but it doesn't share the same open space as its predecessor. Gold marks some of the jumping points.
Disturbed Nature -

RCE and I'll RTF.
By the way, all words in this description that are 11 letters or longer, I learned from playing Pokemon. Weird, huh?
Edit: Deleted a mine.

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Never thought about using teleporters. I still don't know how to make them though. Anyways really good level. Very fun in all paths.


This gets a 5/5...i nearly completly agd'd it, but i died going back through the bottom left one's top :(

I might review this.

Bottom right AGD

Took me forever to do it again.
Demo Data

Bottom left AGD

Really boring to watch, though.
Demo Data

Top left AGD

This part really launches you all over.
Demo Data

Top right AGD

Demo Data

Bottom right demo.

Man, I died, like, 6 times just trying to get that last bit of gold.
Demo Data

Oh wait.

That IS only 10 letters.

And splattered?

That as well?
You learned all those words from playing Pokemon? Weird. Also, I really love this map. Every section is great!


sorry i meant top right
not spam its a correction



nice job

top left is my favorite

On The Top Left

You should move the mine (look at demo) Becouse the gold is impossable to get.
I Like the map, Each section is uniqu and easy to get to, 4/5
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