Disturbed Nature

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Author kisler
Tags action author:kisler medium-difficulty playable rated
Created 2008-03-02
Last Modified 2008-05-04
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description Now finished.
Unfinished map:

Changes from the unfinished version:
-Took out some pesky mines on the middle platform.
-Instead of having a switch surrounded by four locked doors, I added tiles and made a little locked room for it.
-Added another door before the exit trigger.
-Moved locked door by the elevator so you have to open the door before finishing. Used to be able to get the trigger and the exit doors would open past the locked door.
-Added some mines in the middle-left area, it was too much of a big open space.
-Moved and added bounceblocks for people who think jumping on tiles is too hard.
-Added more gold. Yes, the twelve pieces above you to start are possible.

To prpperty and PsychoSnail for giving me recommendations on the unfinished map.
To tawphyt for actually playing my maps, and saying so.

Enjoy, have fun :)
Oh, and fastest AGD by Tuesday gets a ded on the first map I submit after Tuesday. It's possible, just ask prpperty.


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I like it,

but the mines were frustrating as hell.

Yah sorry to braek the 'really good' thing, but.. not good..
5/5 and a 2.5/5 in the comments, with 5 other votes.


You could've definitely made it more aesthetically pleasing.
As well as better object placement.
Your tileset was a little generic and bland.

I tried a DDA.

It had a few errors (like chaingun killing you 10 seconds into it) so I deleted it.


Well, you could try something like that, but maybe with some rockets and floor guards? Try to improve yourself at everything :)

Also, you could try DDAs or N-art, its fun too :P


what kind of map should I make next? Another kind of like this, one like "With the Fluffy Clouds," or something different than either of them?

That's fast.

I had one myself in testing to make sure it was possible, but I forgot to copy the demo data. D'oh! Probably wasn't that fast anyway. Oh, and the made up computer demo you get every time by default? N starts, tries running into the wall, and promptly jumps into a mine.


Heres way faster all gold :
Demo Data


Now its just perfect.

Its really worth a 5, so 5/5 and faved :)

Heres another AGD :)
Demo Data