4 is greater than 3

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Author kisler
Tags action author:kisler collab collaboration cool-tiles destiny four-is-good fun medium platformish playable rated squares this-is-a-tag three-is-bad
Created 2008-04-14
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description Unless you don't like even numbers.

Collab with _destiny^-

Post demos on NReality.

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I love it

It's a very fun map to play

not good enough

to last long
Only 7 people have rated it. It's in a league where maps have over 200 ratings.

In other words, I don't think this will last long.


Top rated page! Now how'd that happen?

Yeah, it just kinda came together like that, unexpectedly.

I love this map - 4.5/5
Everything was perfectly planned out and everything just flowed smoothly, which is kinda strange.
I guess that is what happens when a normal map maker and a pro-race maker come together.

Nice map

Very well-made and fun.

Slightly faster AGD:
Demo Data
Then I died.
Demo Data


you helped make it.

of course you love it.

Speed Demo

I love it :D
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