Lustre City Aging

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Author kisler
Tags aging author:kisler cave-like city gloomp levelpack lustre mineless no-mines playable rated rce-and-i-will-rtf request spiky
Created 2008-04-22
Last Modified 2008-04-22
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description Requested by gloomp, going into the level pack. He asked for "a spiky map with no mines," and I had to think for a few days about how to do such a thing. But when I put it together, it seemed simpler to make because I'd sat on it a few days.
Here you go.
RCE and I'll RTF.

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wasn't that great, the gausses didn't really do anything, and the lack of mines made it to easy
the gold was all on the path, which was not ideal for this type of map

I quite like it

It's a very sedating's nice.

I quite like it

It's a very sedating's nice.

I quite like it

It's a very sedating's nice.

Now Faved

It's great as a relaxing gauss map.

4 for now, 4.5aved if you get rid of the rocket.
i thought those maps might be overrated....