3way maze

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Author Maser
Tags 3way author:maser multipath multiroute n-reality ninja nreality playable rated tele teleport tiny
Created 2008-04-25
Last Modified 2008-04-26
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description N-Reality ONLY if u wanna do the tiny or the tele verisons.

this is a 3way map, where u can choose of being a tiny tiny ninja, a normal ninja or a ninja that teleports everytime u press jump button.

if u want the tiny verison, add |||||r,5;terminal_vel,10000 to the end of the code

if u want the tele verison, add |||||jump_y_bias,47 to the end

if u want normal, dont do anything :)

Ded to Mega_Duff, cause this map is very much inspired of his map, 'New Idea?' that is here:

EDITED: i fixed that last one-way, so u can clear the level with tele. i also added another one-way so u cant take the "short way" with tiny, and a mine that forces u to play with the floorguard a little longer with tele :P.

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Demo Data
Demo Data


Teleport version.
Demo Data

and u succeded :P

try a sub1500frames AGD, that would b alot harder


Player_03 u got me there :P but u didn't do AGD lol.
In general, it's possible to skip a portion of levels like this.
Demo Data


This is going to fall. No duh.


an awesome map


Tiny version is much harder now. I think I'll save myself the trouble and let your demo stand.

Btw, tele version sounds like television. :P

Tele version

The way it was meant to be done.
Demo Data

Normal AGD

done :)

if u can make it faster or can take more gold than i did, post the demo pls :)
Demo Data

Tele ADG

same as tiny, its all gold that is possible without dying
Demo Data

Tiny AGD

well, its all gold that is possible
lol its not so fast though xD
Demo Data

im going to

add the new demos, of the right ways :) lol nexx u make it too simple XD

I forgot to mention

4.5aved. And I'd probably 'size it, if I could.

Tiny version

Also a well-done path. Overall, a very interesting map. You've got lots of different mechanisms going on that make each version puzzling, not to mention a host of other mechanisms to prevent crossover effects. IMO you've done a fantastic job! It could look prettier, but the aesthetics are mostly functional. This is way better than Meta_Ing's much simpler crossover map.
Demo Data

Tele version

You need to take away the gold on the upper left one-way because the ninja grabs the gold instead of hitting the one-way (see demo). It works fine without the gold.

You did a pretty good job with this path. It''s probably going to be the most interesting of the three. (I have yet to try the tiny version)

@DaggaFork: Your demo just goes for the door without hitting the exit switch. The author didn't make any changes, so what's up with that? O_o
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Demo Data

Tele version.
Comment: O_o.
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