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Author Maser
Tags active author:maser locks maser trapped traps unrated
Created 2008-02-12
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Description This is my 1st (EVER) level i have made o.O
it took me several saving/trying/fixing errors to make it work, its SOO many trap doors and locked doors - i think it takes around 4mins to come all way from start to exit the shortest way.
As you will see when u paste this into your file, its VERY big compared to other levels (lol) it took like 2mins just to save it.

Enjoy :D


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i like the door eerie maps
this had a problem in the bottom right corner


- it lags
- that's what you gave my first map


- it lags
- that's what you gave my first map
Everything you said, radioactive_gerbil, was simply because it was a door eerie. That is like rating down an action map simply because it is an action. Or rating down a DDA because it is so easy to complete.

As for the level, it froze my computer so N/R


what he said.

keep trying though

a couple of things

- Dont do an insanely long map when you first come onto Numa, I nearly fell asleep playing it all.
- Dont try a DoorEerie map as I call them, they are so confusing.
- Whats the point of the gauss turrets if you dont go near them? Use space wisely next time.
- Finally, because there are so may objects, it causes lag, and nearly all people on Numa do not like lag, so try to cut down on objects.

I give 2.5/5 for this map, but I wont actually save it. Use the comments to make a better map next time! But keep trying and youll get there! :)