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Author Mekkah
Tags action author:mekkah bitesized rated
Created 2008-02-04
Map Data

Description I really like this map. Fun, faced-paced, and action packed, the point here is to get an AGD as quick as possible. (let's see if my demo is any good; try to beat it!)

BTW, the bottom area w/the '5' tiles was inspired by a nevermore map. The top looks a bit....krusch??

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I like this
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really like this
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Cool map

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Very Fun

Nice and simple.

Grrr OK run but I can't get the jump off the single block like in Hendor's demo... Oh well.
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Shut up, incluye.

Prick. :D:D:D


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Shut up, seven_two.

Well, actually, don't bother. I've never seen a map that you thought was good. Just say whatever.

The rockets and floorguards are masterful together. Nice work.


It feels like you took a level and gave it plastic surgery. It just feels kinda fake and insincere.

*Where you jump around ... with a few floorguards to dodge.
Sure, you used to blatantly plagerize other people's maps, but its nice to see that you're now giving credit, and I respect you all the more for that.

As for the map, I found it VERY enjoyable: I thought it all flowed nicely together, and was a joy to play. Also, although the tiles may be viewed as a rip-off off krusch's style, I myself have not seen many people produce original tiles in a while, myself included. However, the map wasn't special, and didn't particularly stand out to me; anyone can produce a map were you jump around a map with a rocket following you, and with a few to dodge. So it's worthy of a 3.5 in my eyes.


Fun, fast and friendly!

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Pretty easy

yet very fun!


all gold

Slight slip up at the end, but rest was cool.

I liked this.
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I'm a fan of innovation, and innovative this map ain't.Well, I'm glad that you mentioned influences. That's always a plus for me. And I use a rocket floorguard combo quite often.
All in all, a nice map.
One thing bugs me is that Max_Ride, as much as I don't agree with him, is allowed to make his opinions heard.


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Messed up...still pretty fun fun fun. 4/5
(Haven't watched any of the other demos)
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Those 7 posts were all made while I was doing a completion.

Oh, and

Speed Completion
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Thanks miyoser

I thank you for your insight, and I'm glad you enjoyed the map. I think max ride has a bit of cynicism towards me...

Oh...great runs everyone! My demo has been put to shame!
Btw atob, I want to let you know that I DID post links on that fish map. In the original, I even said all idea credit goes too.....(whoever made it). It the revision I didn't, because I thought people would remember...(like Myrrhman said/and because the concept has been used before. I understand how sleezy that might have made me look, but I assure you, I meant no harm by what I did, and whatever happened was a result of my careless actions.
Its quite fun, and thats all that really counts as far as I go..


lol at cerb

;) I was thinking about something up in there, but i figured it would clash too much with the rest of the map.
but the play feels a little contrived overall.

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I meant to have fun in there. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


I feel the need building up in me to counter each of your points.

1. I have the feeling that you wouldn't have said this had it not been for atob's comment in the fish map. Seriously, this is a community. To you call romanticism a rip-off of beethoven?
2. This is an action-packed map if I've ever seen one. If you don't see this as action, please elaborate on what about it is not action.
3. This is coming from you? If I had one sentence to describe your maps it would be "Very fun, standard numa". The exact same sentence could be used to describe this map. You of all people should appreciate this.
4. I just plain out disagree on this one. The entire map melded together in one steady flow that can be varied from and worked upon.

I'm not trying to make enemies here, and don't get me wrong, I love your maps, but I just feel wronged when a map like this is given such a low rating.
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he's been around for awhile and has apparently seen e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. This map is fun addicting, but a little short = 4/5


its not bad
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Bleh. Bad ending (of the demo).
May not be original. May not be fascinating.

Sure is fun. 4.5aved. I doesn't deserve a 2. 2 means below average. If you totalled up every single map on Numa, this is at least in the "4" zone.
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The more I think about your comment, the more I think you need to fucking chill.

Who cares if it's not, "different", or "special"? It's about having fun.

It doesn't have to be innovative, unique, groundbreaking map to be good, dude.


Done for today
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my fastest,

-1, I think.
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Missed one, but got about 40 frames off
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1 off mrgy
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Really, I wouldn't go as far to say, "no action"....

I thought the rockets/floorguards was a nice combo.

Oh you saw that I credited the both of them for design elements right? The point here wasn't an epic full blown action, it was a speed thing.

You don't like my maps, do you max ride? :(

BTW, thanx Miyoser

Fun map

4/5 (now it is rated :)

Woot fastest so far

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