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Author Mekkah
Tags action author:mekkah rated
Created 2008-01-09
Last Modified 2008-01-09
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Description Not very hard. The point is do to it as fast as you can. Looking for speed here. (Watch my very improvable demo)

(Bottom inspired by krusch)

(With rocket(s) now. <3 Max_ride)

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I like these nice simple maps with great tiles
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Especially the first part. 4.5/faved, easy.

Great runs!

Thanx guys!
finally managed it.
check the demo
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can't beat thedupli

but then again, not many can.
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very fun map...especially the bottom part.
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i'll work on this.
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this is fun

first try death.
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maybe ? i haven't played it yet so ill see

and speed

how is this inspired by krusch?
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my agd

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Much better.

I know this is slow, but the rocket adds a little more challenge. Instead of a mid-3.5 probably a high 3.5-4
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ya, it is



cheatable. Like, noob cheatable. Besides that, I love the mixed style, so 4/5.
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I know man

I just wanted to pull focus away from the initial bolded statement. Plus I enjoy to conflict :p

I know,

that's why I said rarely people get two styles conjoined to make one amazing map. It requires skill.

Sorry, I didn't word my last comment right atob. That's all. I totally agree.
stick with anything. If you learn to mix two contrasting styles without disjointing the overall effect you can potentially create something really special.

The styles here do feel a little hodge-podge. I agree with MR about the tunnel and the bottom is fun.
Sometimes people can get by with two separate tile styles, but very rarely. Aside from that, it is nice fun. The flow is fun. The bottom is a lot more fun than the top. The bottom could qualify as a tricky race--to me. The chainguns in the top really don't do anything, maybe a rocket, they would maybe follow you and make you think a little more. Just some helpful tips.

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