Treacharous Depths

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Author Mekkah
Tags action author:mekkah bitesized rated
Created 2008-02-03
Last Modified 2008-02-03
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Description I absolutely love this.

Thanks to max_ride for adviccceeee

I never said.....the concept was the original i posted links...

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Not crediting is bad, but one should not jump to conclusions that it was done on purpose.

Give him a break!

You guys are so mean ;_;


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And the concept isn't done /that/ well.
With the first version of this map. I just think he forgot this time.


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links or no links

you always take others ideas, and very rarely do you credit. even going as far to steal tile sets, rework them slightly and hand them out for everyone to use.

sure, communities are for sharing and progressing together, but I've not seen you come up with one original mechanic or design of your own.

It's just boring


Here is the full link to the map...

i knew it.

atob's link, i knew i saw a map with the fishy drones b4.

pretty sad

that you didn't credit


The concept has nothing to do with your brain. Learn to credit.


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Here's a quick demo

Not as quick as MaxRide's though
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I don't remember what my advice was, but this is a great map!

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this is such a cool concept.


I made some major edits.
Was it you that submitted it?


Nice blue fish.