Gold Revealed!

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags are author:astheoceansblue bitesized in results unrated
Created 2007-12-10
Last Modified 2007-12-10
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Description The iNvisible Gold Adventure Contest is over!

Congratz to heatwave21 for 1st place.

Well done to all who entered.

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Fourth for probably the first contest I've participated in!

my vote

I was more voting based on the ingenuity of the contest and the idea behind it all. clearly, i can't vote, and this map solo wouldn't be special. . .I'd say 3/5. However, I was giving the bite/fave because of the contest to which it was attached (believe it or not, I still follow metanet every now and again)


this map was built for the contest it's aattached to, it's not supposed to bear any weight standing alone.

I'm not quite sure what peope are finding here to rate so highly, I'd score it a 2.5/5 if I found it ;)


kind of bland and boring.

too many demos.
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nice map

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Fun map.
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Very enjoyable :D

Terribly slow agd.
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i one-upped myself
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i got all mixed up on this demo and it turned out to be my fastest
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nice map

5aved and bited. Nice to see you still have your touch!
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this was a great idea for a contest.