machina root

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags action author:astheoceansblue bitesized inoex playable rated
Created 2007-03-27
Last Modified 2010-03-30
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and I find myself striving to avoid the launchpads. Also, perhaps the bounceblocks for the double helix gold could be lowered a bit. The floorguard area proves to be very exciting when coupled with the transition to the top, which soon gets frustrating. I'm always either getting hit a mine or hit a drone on the other side. The right side seems a little bit like filler - the last switch is a chore to get.


this demo took me a while
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Very slow and stuttery demo.
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I meant to bitesize it when I faved it but I completely forgot.

I love it to bits, the gameplay is wonderful and the aesthetics are just mind blowing.


veryy nice 4/5

but i dont like this mine ---> see kinda spoiled it for me but it may just be my weirdd playing style

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thats fun

i think a 4. it is a great, fun level.