A Poet

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Author Yahoozy
Tags author:yahoozy bitesized featured playable race rated
Created 2007-10-07
by 56 people.
Map Data

Description Wearing a pompous shirt, and tight leggings. This is the second race I've ever made.

This map was featured on 2009-06-21

Today, I put my safari hat on and headed into this jungle known as NUMA to find the race that could make my day. Map after map, each was a carbon copy of the other. Nothing unique.
Then I found A Poet by Yahoozy. Man, what a shocker. This baby had teeth wilder than a crocodile and I’d never seen such a beast on my prior excusions. This animal has all the things needed to qualify as an excellent race map. There's a superb flow and great placement of enemies. And look at that tileset – what a beaut!

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I think

you might have missed all over the place, karma :3

I agree, stalkr, with the low quality of this map, after this feature and your comment on that n-ball [] map, you're beginning to worry me t3chno...I also agree with skyline, even though I feel the same way towards him as he feels towards astheoceansblue

but that's only my opinion, anyways
The tiles are beautiful and I don't mind the mines on the 2s and 3s. But the jumpad section really bothers me feeling flowless and the finished product feels like it's difficulty curve is too high.
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Don't actually think this a particularly good map tho i am probably biased as i have only ever played MARIJENANDRIES races.
The optional gold could have been replace by doors you have to open to win.
Good tileset but a bit hard to work out where to go.
Not brilliant flow.
Overall not bad but not brilliant

theis was nice...

not phenomenal but nice. some parts here I really liked, some I did not. I liked the upper section with the rockets and the startng corridor through the armspan. Other than that nothing really stood out as all so fantastic and imo the ending was annoying, the rocket kept gettin' me. but no matter what I say nothing changes the fact that these tiles are BEAUTIFUL, in thumbnail and fullview. this gets a 4 from me.

Slowish AGD

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Whats a race?

Just kidding. The tiles looked weird ^-^


this looks awesome.
And I thought 'feature-worthy' didn't exist?

Shhh skyline.

Don't make me silence you!

This is just

plain awesomeness. Mostly because it doesn't look like a race, the flow is just awesome being all over the place, full of choices and places for innovation, rather than just following the same route each time.


I have to agree that this is not feature-worthy. Like the thumb tho ;)


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a good race 4... but i dont think it was worth the feature..
You know it's all just conspiracies and popularity games. The powerful are the corrupt. FREE THE PROLETARIAT.


you might have noticed T3chno having the first comment on the map and rating it a 5? Much more likely T3 searched his favourites list for this.

Regardless, well known authors do have the best archives for searching for decent features. It's the reason they're well known in the first place.


just because you don't like a map doesn't mean everyone else has to dislike it.
So many paths and stuff. 5aved.

am i the only one

who does not like this map?
the tiles resemble a poet in thumbnail, but are just plain ugly in full view.
the enemies are not challenging.
the flow is not perfect (as in, not as good as in most other races).. but how can it be, this is a race built around an artsy tileset, not a race built around the movements of the ninja.
the mines are 95% useless, and they are ugly as well.

for me, this is a typical NUMA feature. you take a big name, and search its archive for a slightly unconventional map.


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Fantastic tiles, great gameplay too. I love it. My only (minor) quibble with the map woulb be that the mines on the "2" and "3" tiles look a bit ugly, imo.
4.5aved up
form + function = oh so good

That's a race?

Awesome flow.

Wasn't that great

A lot of running around without getting gold, dodging mines, or getting shot at. The flow is surprisingly accurate given the scarcity of tiles, plus it's a bit hidden, and both of those were cool. But overall it just wasn't that interesting to me. 6/10
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I really like the tileset. The flow was a little awkward in places, but it was still good enough.
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Or at least they fit my personal definition of what a race ought to be.
but this one is good.
and i was like "look what the cat dragged in"
but then i played it and i seconed it then i looked at a decent demo and i was like


yeah faved and 5ived



I kept doing this
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It's alright... Could have spent longer on it..
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seriously wow

copy Max rides comment and paste it here, i would have bitesized if he hadn't already

5 all the way
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absoulutly remarkablee..