It Continues Waiting for a Headronefish

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Author Yahoozy
Tags author:yahoozy playable rated survival
Created 2007-09-30
Last Modified 2007-09-30
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description I think it's so fun and cute.

Challenge 1: Collect all gold.
Challenge 2: Pass over the rocket, and go down to the bottom. Do this three times.
Challenge 3: Collect all gold and pass over the gausses three times.
Challenge 4: Collect all gold, pass over the gausses three times, and pass over the rocket three times.

Demos, please!

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C-snapped gold...

Still can't even beat Challenge 1 :/
Demo Data

That gold placement reminds me of a map by Cooby. WEYWEY??!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!//?

What's this?

Trying to do something different? Shame on you.
The tiles on the left weren't too good looking....


not fun, imo.

Sorry mate,

but it's just not fun to me, too claustrophobic and difficult.