A City Named Panty Raid

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Author reeferattack
Tags action author:reeferattack playable unrated
Created 2007-08-03
Last Modified 2007-08-03
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Description The title is kind of like those Wheel of Fortunes puzzles where Pat Sajak reads aloud so merrily, "The Boy Who Cried Wolfgang Puck!". HAHAHAHAHAHHA.

However, my title is not as good because there is no city named Panty (that I'm aware of). But it is a raid and panty raids are the best type of raids. That's how I got the title.

I was inspired while listening to RATM.

Now testify.

FUN FACT!: This level's alternate title is Rocketcharmer.

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AGD is quite boring (not inpossible, but boring =P)
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