Eternally Missed

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Author reeferattack
Tags action author:reeferattack playable puzzle-ish unrated
Created 2007-08-01
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Resubmission, but a lot different.

I said I wouldn't be making another map for a while but I was bored at work.

The sun forgives the clouds.

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a good map

I completely agree

with usaswim.
but it still sucks.
But I hated the object placement so much. I hated the launchpads that killed you and especially the hidden objects. I didn't like how you put the one-ways in lines.


i guess since you're reading a little too deep into my words and taking it literally, here's what's different...

a lot of doors were taken out, drones were taken out, the middle is different and now has a laser drone in it, you now have 2 get both switches to open the doors to get into the bottom rather than one, the number of bounceblocks in each cell at the top was reduced from 1 to 3, bounceblocks were added in the middle section, launchpads can kill you if you set foot on the side where the doors to the bottom lead...

there's a few minor things too like curved tiles in the bottom and etc.

...since you were a douche bag about it.
how it is different. i see a total of 1 changes.