Running Joke

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Author reeferattack
Tags action author:reeferattack playable qotsa reefer unrated
Created 2007-07-27
Last Modified 2007-07-27
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Description Just look at your love...

UPDATE: One-ways put on top of switches. DEMO INCLUDED.

It didn't lag on my computer so don't rate low if it lags on yours, that just means you have a shitty computer.

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completion demo.

now that i put one-ways on top of the switches.
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you can still cross paths with the doors with the laser drones inside as long as you don't let one out. that's why it was made to be effective. i think i may have put too many laser drones in each set of doors if anything. i didn't spend a whole lot of time on it actually and maybe i should have.
the lasers are not effective here, but at times they group up, and if you trip on the normal doors, you're dead. The doors and lasers make this awkward. I would suggest you take both of them out, but then the level has no concept but to get the switchs. Perhaps if you used two rockets, able to follow you but not directly in view of the places where you have to get the switches? I can imagine that working out a great deal better than the laser idea. Here's a death demo. 2.5/5.
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i'm using a gateway at work and it doesn't lag at all. i wouldn't have posted it had it lagged for me. but, i was afriad for others it would.
its 1 2003 dell
im using less then 10% of the memory
its a pc not laptop
this map lags on my comp

theres too much going on