Drone Route.

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Author screwloose
Tags author:screwloose bitesized drone experiment idea prisoner rated test
Created 2007-07-10
Last Modified 2007-07-10
by 7 people.
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Description I've been playing a bunch of prisoner maps and well, most of them were surprisingly bad. Just stuck between 2 Drones and go through a 30 second made route . . . no skills at all to make that.

So I experimented and came up with the following map, where drones are carefully positioned on a precise map which makes the some drones leave you and new ones to replace it afterwards. Well ummmm, it's certainly not the best, but has this been done before? If not, I'll probably make a longer and better one. With some actual action maybe.

Time will tell.

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maybe it could be implemented in a more interesting map?

I <3 screwloose.

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but challenging and fun. cool idea. make it longer and it'd be a 4.5. so it's a 4.
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I win. =P

Interesting idea.
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2 faster ways

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A bit...

incredibly easy.
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A demonstration.

New, not new?
Rave or hurt my feelings.

As long as I know :)
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