The Long Awaited, Not So Awaited Race.

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Author screwloose
Tags author:screwloose corridor fun race rated resident-evale thwump
Created 2007-07-09
by 5 people.
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Description Well, maybe some of you were looking forward to this one.
Well, most likely not.
But I made it anyways for you guys after Frogs told me I made one of the best maps before.

Which I thank him for . . .

Well, other similar races like this could be found here:

Make sure you comment and rate. . .
It's the only thing that keeps me map-making.

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it's like the ultra-turbo version of Triliogy
at the risk of sounding like a broken record, you should really try making maps just for the fun of it. its not healthy to make maps solely for the praise of your peers: you have to do it for your self.

fbf= frame by frame.


what a rush.
Demo Data

fuck this.

i can't even beat the first part. looks cool though. 4/5

what is fbf?
Crazy ass race!


Here's the demo.

If I can do it with no FbF, you can too.

And umm suggestions are welcome :D!
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