beating Heart Baby

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Author Dark_Zero
Tags action author:dark_zero featured rated
Created 2007-06-25
by 20 people.
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Description hmmmm

This map was featured on 2008-12-18

I feel like Dark_Zero is one of a few underappreciated authors on NUMA, even though his style is unique and fun. Let's move on to the map now, shall we?
beating Heart Baby is among some of the better Dark_Zero maps. The laser drone poses little threat in the middle area, but start delving underground and it suddenly has an eye to kill your ninja. Add in some great zap drone work and this map is something to cherish.
If you have some extra time, I encourage you to check out Dark_Zero's other maps. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. — origami_alligator

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If you're using N v1.4, make a new text file, name it "userlevels.txt", type "&userdata=" (without quotes), press enter, then copy and paste the map data. Save, open N, click userlevels, play.

If you're using NReality (v6c2), click "userlevels" on the main screen. There'll be a little white box on the top with a number in it. Change that number to the number in the URL of this map (94001), click "load numa map", play. If you get a highscore you want to submit, hold Ctrl and click your score.
umm i can't seem to get this level onto my thingy to play it could someone explain?
Here's second fastest AGD.

I have to admit I hated the first few runs on this map, but somehow things started falling into place and I adapted to some of the nuances. I still wouldn't say it's a solid map, but I enjoyed myself. 3/5

I don't know why people are complaining so much about the drone-luring - it really isn't that hard. :\
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Great use of the laser drone, having it just a nuciance at first, then it becomes an actual challenge. Gauss turret/laser combo was remarkable, and the zap drones were used well. It also looks good, and has great gameplay. The only two bad things, though, are 1)The zap drone in the upper-left corner was a waste of space, and 2)How you had to lure the zap drone out of the area. Otherwise, it's a really good map.
if it was not necessary to lure away the drone away from the exit switch .. Besides from that I enjoyed every piece =) 3.5


I remember this was for a mappack we were working on...that failed.

Not so fun.

I enjoyed looking at it more than playing it. Agree with Lord_Day about the drone. Looks nice though. 3.
This map wasn't special to me. Removing that drone from that room was also really annoying. 2/5

Thank you o_a

for advertising this guy. I'm in love with all his maps now, especially "Big Things Come in Small Packages" (= Excellent choice for a feature.
...what SkyRay did ;-;
let me in your arms to feel
the beating of your heart baby

a quick explanation

Although I love other Dark_Zero maps a lot more than this (specifically Big Things Come in Small Packages), I felt this was the most feature-worthy besides Phalanx. It's a fun map rather than a challenge. The laser drone and this element of fun is what made me want to feature it.

Also, I don't think many people remember or have heard of Dark_Zero, which is another reason. :P


Cut out some of the waits.
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I didn't like it much, but it was worth playing.
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especially his previous map

well done, o_a

i'm happy to see you didn't forget this guy, because he's definitely one cool dude. an excellent feature.

also, posting before any complaining about insignificant errors like capitalization.


...this was a puzzle slightly...i love how you had to get the drone out at the beginning otherwise your farked later...

...fastest AGD so far...this is the slow route...
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pretty fun

lasr's a bit of a bitch, imo.

Nice map.

Sorry, no demo.