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Author jeffkillian
Tags action author:jeffkillian playable rated
Created 2007-05-31
by 5 people.
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Description I tried to minimize the amount of enemies/tasks to accomplish and still have it be difficult. Have fun.

The best part is trying to get all gold.

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No no, that's where I got my copy from. I was just surprised to not see it here on NUMA, that's all.

fun level.

you should work on your tilesets. 4


Ahh...Agitation. Check the included userlevels. Mare and Raigan Decided to Include that in it. If you can't get it, I might have a txt file of it.

Lil' bit faster

And btw, I was going through a file of old maps by you (jeffkillian) and came across one called Agitation. I can't find it here on NUMA but I really love it. Did you delete it for some reason? Just wondering.
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Faster Demo. And I went slow. It's really not that hard.
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hugely frustrating

but shit its fun... those mines by the exit are well placed... they really dick with you


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So close.
Demo Data