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Author jeffkillian
Tags action author:jeffkillian playable rated
Created 2006-07-31
by 6 people.
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Awesome. Looks brilliant! Yes, this is a very tough map.
And yes, play that map vv its quite awesome


wanna beat mongy on my other map.YOU GET A DEDI IF YOU DO.

you know what?

after watching mongy's demo i give him the right to call me a noob :)


I get to call Dejablue a noob! lol


All gold =)
Demo Data


and 4.5/5 for the map... its good

sry for the double post and all :)

me? a noob?

no way! its not like im in the 9000's as a member or anything... oh wait :) i'll take that as a compliment AMLT :D


And very addicting map, especially when completion would get a chance to call dejablue4 a noob =]
I got 2 switches ;]
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i agree with deja

This is like a jump-puzzle with enemies. I like it 4/5

tough map

very tough... i'll rate when i see a half decent demo :)