Celtic Knot (Free tileset)

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Author Zorn
Tags author:zorn bitesized incomplete rated
Created 2005-06-12
by 97 people.
Map Data

Description I created this in the hopes of making a map with lots of teleporters, but
it was too painful so I ended up changing the map to create my Hedge level. The map consists of a single knotted strand. DO NOT RATE.

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ha ha ha ha

i like that... lol...DO NOT RATE.... 4.5 by 64 votes lol


bad link


he said do not rate so that means 56 withavergae rating of 4.5
I had to delete a bumload of tiles and its awfully choppy, but you follow the path of the rope

I had no choice

It was too good not to be rated

Please tell me how to make teleporters


Had to rate. 5/5

Sexy tiles

I hope someone makes something out of this.


i thought i commented on this. strange. then i'll just resay what i said.
another great tileset. i'm sure someone can make a great teleporter map out of this.
*cough* pariah! *cough*
coiencedence you volunteered to do so, pariah. =P

very nice

if you don't mind, i'll attempt to carry your notion forward.