Up and Down

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Author Zorn
Tags action author:zorn playable rated
Created 2005-06-06
by 43 people.
Map Data

Description Don't worry. Not as hard as most levels that look like this. No precision mine
avoiding or anything else to slow you down. Watch the demo if anything
confuses you. A good old simple tileset this time. Couldn't fit anything fancy in with the gameplay.

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slightly faster

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much faster agd

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slow agd

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I found this hard.

but fun.


yay! : -D
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dear god

im dumb...but i will get there : -)
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curse that rocket

... i will finish this though *adds to favorites*
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but i love it...i _will_have a completino demo of it *swears on bible*

whatever 3/5

although the playability may be low for the feeble at the keys (including myself) and the course is rather linear, watching your demo was awe-inspiring. i give 5/5

For the confused...

Here's your basic demo. Note that you can pretty easily go way above the mine column on the left. I didn't want to make things too tough though,
so I left it reasonably short.
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