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Author Zorn
Tags author:zorn bitesized featured rated test
Created 2005-06-11
by 157 people.
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Description I don't think it's at all obvious from the map image what it is that makes this level so increadibly hard. Try it for a few minutes though and you'll quickly see. I'm very interested if anyone is able to get stuck anywhere on the level,
or even more impressive, if someone is able to kill themselves. I'd call this level a puzzle, except that it's way too difficult to be considered a standard N-level. Of course it's very hard to die, so you can just keep trying over
and over till you get it.

This map was featured on 2009-07-30

I know what you're likely thinking, but this is not an N-art that I have featured. No, what you see before your eyes is one of the hardest and most uncompromising maps ever composed in our little game, masterfully crafted out of the simplest of objects and the most complex of tiles, Hedge, by Zorn. Play it and be humbled. — gloomp

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this took me awhile to figure out

as you can tell
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I never knew this was actually completable within 90 seconds.


I saw you comment on that map, may I request that you make just one more?

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sub-3000 completion, only demo on nreality!! :D
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only good

because it's a twisted maze that actually looks good.
I thought I would just squeeze through it all.


You take that back right now! How dare you besmirch the honourable name of Zorn! He is the grandaddy of them all. No mapmaker is anywhere near as jolly brilliant as Zorn.

Zorn ftW! \o/

Sub 4745 AGD

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Demo Data


Incredibly cool looking and puzzling, yet fun at the same time.

If there was

ever such thing as frustration in a spiky spiky can. this is it.

Frustration in a can!
Buy one today for your RDI of frustration.
Simply open, copy data and paste.
It's that simple!


it should be 5 or more!
Hardest map with no enemies..
The only thing that could ever shadow this map, would be a single-try squeeze demo.. 5+/5
@those who voted 4-
turned into map form...


faved...fuckin awesome

Oracle mate.

Try to stay on topic yeah?


according to my calculations, you'd need a demo of 3600 frames or less to be able to submit a userlevels demo on NReality.


Also, I only just made my first map, and I'd really appreciate it if somebody would play it and give me some feedback on it. Is there a place where I can find such a service?

Sorry for posting so much.

Oh, also

How do I play a demo?


I'm new to the community, and I'm unsure about some things.

How do you become a reviewer? Can I be one?


gloomp spent A LOT of time stuck in the top left corner. XD

I don't have the skill to post an nreality submitted demo, this demo is legit. I don't like the map, chume made better squeeze maps, this one's just annoying.
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i cant get out

of the first switch room D:
This is still one of my favorite maps on NUMA.
No patience right here.

This map,

legitimately scares me. I hate squeezing >_< VERY well done though.

Holy crap, this map is amazing.

YOU all, try Zorns Fossil map, it's just heaven.





I actually played this a couple of weeks ago. Pretty cool map.

then congrats too gloomp :P
I watched the whole thing and it's just incredible ;)
why so few comments so many rates
to show off his demo. He told me.


zorn makes impressive maps. This one is impressive, too.

good review!
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Oh my god it took like thirteen minutes first try. I think I've found my next featured how could I have forgotten about this 5aved.
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Always wanted to demo this.
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