What One-ways Were Made For

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Author Sendy
Tags action all-gold author:sendy bitesized drones featured highscore one-ways playable puzzle puzzley rated
Created 2005-06-11
Last Modified 2007-08-16
by 88 people.
Map Data

Description I think this is kinda original.

This map was featured on 2013-06-26

For glitches and cheats,
For walls and floors,
For mazes and labyrinths,
For acting as doors,
For landings and take-offs,
For restraints and cover,
For going through one way,
For blocking the other,
For drawing a line,
For running and jumping,
For making a box,
For puzzles and stumping,

So many uses,
Many and more!
This is what
One-ways were made for. — 123leonidas321

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Amazing map, I imagine the modern version would have a teleporter and some weird tile art on the outside but the concept works great.
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yeah this is great though.
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just looked at the other reviews.
i take that comment back.

Has anybody noticed

reviews nowadays are just poems.

slowest AGD

do I get a prize?! haha. That fucker of a piece of gold. Yeah love this map.
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I forgot to compliment it; it's a lot of fun to dodge the drones and it's totally original!


an interesting feature :D

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What a great pick, more like this. Very fun.

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surprised I'd never played this. I love it. Great pick.
Takes a lot effort to not miss a piece. Quite surprised this is the quickest AGD so far!
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Cool map. Very nice review.


Death demo.
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fastest AGD.

Nice one.

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And I won it (but on userlevels) 5/5.


It's really creative, but not that hard. It ranges from annoying to addicting, but for creativity, 4.5/5

oh fuck!!

that is the fucking coolest map EVER!!! I was playing it thinking it's okay, and then realized you can keep going through... the second time through I realized it gets harder... muahhahaha! that's totally awesome!!!

great job!!!




Why pull a face like I'm making some kinda untrue statement. Sure, this map uses one-ways just as "a level in the 00's column of N does", but if you care to look at it, the implimentation and total effect are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

Sure - if you don't like the map that much then fine - but you CAN'T smirk at me saying this is unoriginal, because it is original - there is no other map out there that used this idea.

Oh, and, stop using editied jump-pads? It doesn't even harm you and makes the map fun. Don't tell me what to do.

All Gold

Played it awhile ago, never rated though. 4.5/5
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All Gold

Played it awhile ago, never rated though. 4.5/5
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But "would 'ya slow down on ze edited lauchies?"

Or, in english, "Would you please stop using edited launchpads?"

Great map.

Meh. I did okay. Anyway, 5/5 faved.
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...for taking away hours of sleep doing a perfect run on this.

i won!!!

Very addictive map, i was origonally going to give you a three but addictiveness bumped it up to 4!
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I remember there was a map in the... first (?) column that used one ways to make a simple puzzle, right? :\


Mmm. I can see the appeal, but it just wasn't my favorite.


rated down? i reckon someone rated it a 0.
god, what's wrong with people in Numa these days...


thats really cool and hard but not too hard

5/5 by 10 people

I'm flattered, thanks a lot!

Jar-of-jam, you can clearly read - all the information on playing demos etc is in the readme that comes with N.


I am a first time N user, how do you play test, and play demos?


I died too... cool map. Originality ROCKS!
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very fun. love the launch pad. love it. excellent. spectacular!


Heck yeah! And oh so very fun...

A resounding 5/5.


Arse. I died. It's a fairly easy map though. Becomes a puzzle the moment you try and do an efficient run.
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