SDY 59-0 - Passive Aggressive

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Author Sendy
Tags author:sendy playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-06-09
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description Jump puzzle. There and back. Quite easy for pros but the very last jump is very tricky. It's tense but doable.

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ah well. fun map though.
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ALMOST AGD (2 left)

Anyways, i think that the two first pieces of gold, can't be catched..

Sendy, BAD BAD girl, i like my demos CLEAN of gold.

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Fairly speedy run.

Nice map. Not frustrating, but still a good challenge.
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but I agree with tktktk about the objects. otherwise a fun puzzle.


I just like the ninja to die without the kill key and I thought the load time was insignificant.


This is a really minor complaint, but I dislike it when people use more objects than necessary for maps like this. You don't need the floor guard or the one-ways, and while it's obviously your decision I think it'd just be better without them.


I love naming levels.


i like the name for this map alot. it fits good :)


i got stumped.
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…the way
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