The Thwump Rooms

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Author formica
Tags action author:formica bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2005-06-04
Last Modified 2005-06-04
by 27 people.
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Description A series of thwump- related challanges, getting progressively easier.

(EDIT: The real route now easier, and you can't cheat. Sorry!)

This map was featured on 2014-03-27

Day Whatever of broken NUMA: I've become eager to go through old maps and save them for later. I can't imagine why.

I remember when I played this map back when I was SeventhSpirit. I drew so much from it, and I still do, if even more now. Critically, the concepts used here are simple and rough around some edges. The map stands out as more of an aggregator of sorts for thwump concepts, though, and I've always seen that most authors tend to avoid those kinds of maps. I guess that's why it stands out to me. — Sunset

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Nice feature, Sunset!


Interesting map, nice map, nice feature.
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what a classic!
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Completion. And all the gold, but that's a minor feat.
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Completion. And all the gold, but that's a minor feat.
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map # 8675..309 i got it! i got it!haha good map though


Really nice. 4/5

Complete demo

At last.
Great map :)
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the perfect N lvl...i love everything, the tileset the challenge the objects...just everything!!!


Love the tileset, and the objects/challenges.

oh, and by almost..

i mean the thwumps stepself mentioned.


this map is almost perfect: so many memorable moments, (the 'thwump run' was too cool) a definate addition to my user levels.


And an incomplete demo.
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Oh yeah, also the thwumps on the far left irritate me. Coudl you have arranged them so they make aflat surface as they went back up, and not a staggered one? Maybe that's what you wanted, but I find it too hard (that's really not saying much -- I probably wouldn't be able to get that far in the first place on one life).

Enough rambling... excellent level overall!


>getting progressively easier.

Thank god! As much as I love levels like these, they always seem to increase in difficulty as you progress. I like this level a lot, especially the design, with the one-ways acting as the walls. Anyway, here's a bug.
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