Benath The Ice

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Author Zanderzainal
Tags action author:zanderzainal playable rated
Created 2007-04-21
Last Modified 2007-04-21
by 6 people.
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Description Indeed... I very playable level... Which is also quite challenging... I have only beaten it once so far so no demo yet :S But yeah..

Yeah... Fastest AGD gets a DED... so yeah ...

Enjoy, Rate, Comment .....

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cool tileset.. but long and boring.. N/R

Horrendously boring

You could have done a lot better. The tile set wasn't too bad though. 1.5/5


Fair enough... I thought it would get a bit tedious after a while... I'm not sure how to differentiate the action though... :P

A nice map.

Difficulty is well dosed.
But... It's horribly boring to make 20 times the same go again and again. I'm pretty sure to get a demo over 5000 that I won't be able to post.
If you arange the doorswitch some other way, it's a great map. N/R for now, I'll see if you do something about it...
Here is an death-AGD (-1gold)
Demo Data
I can't get past the first few switches. But it's a very good level, and it looks brilliant. 4.5.
Demo Data