Coral Canyon

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Author Zanderzainal
Tags action author:zanderzainal playable unrated
Created 2007-04-20
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description A fairly challenging action mine jumping thing... I reckon its pretty good... Worked on the gameplay quite a bit... Used to have rockets, was too hard, then gauss, still a bit too hard... So I just put in lots more mines...Have fun with this and please tell me how I could improve it cos yeah... Think of they kind of things you would like to hear from someone else...

Enjoy, Comment, Rate... In that order... lol

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Alright then.

I suppose its fine how it is.

It does...

When I got rid of the gauss/rockets I added some homing drones and it was still fairly hard, then I added some dumb zap drones but this meant that in some places you had to wait for the drone to pass so you could continue and this had a negative effect on the gameplay...
It's just an idea though. it would depend on whether it constricted the gameplay or not.