Don't Step On The Cracks

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Author Zanderzainal
Tags action author:zanderzainal playable unrated
Created 2007-04-05
Last Modified 2007-04-05
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description A challenging and very decent action map which has great game play. Sort of a "Choose Your Own Level" type thing where you can choose how many Laser Drones there are circling the inner box.

Made from my tileset: Caution: Has Sharp Edges

Rates and constructive comments are needed and welcome.

Have fun...

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when you get in it has some of the most annoying and boring gameplay


I thought either rockets/gauss or laser drones for the inside because of the potential to "see through the cracks"..and also thanks i spent a bit on the outside getting it just right...

hate the drones

i think it would of been better with a rocket and/or gauss in the centre, the outside gameplay was really nice though