Dyslexic Tetris

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Author kendogg102
Tags author:kendogg102 playable puzzle rated
Created 2007-03-23
Last Modified 2007-03-23
by 23 people.
Map Data

Description This is one of my favorite maps ive made and it comes with a bonus.

***DED to the fastest demo that can find a diliberate cheat I added to this map.

***DED to the fastest AGD also

The map has some flow if you go for the gold, not alot but a little.

Good luck, and dont worry bout the top right corner its just my sig!

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Did not do the tiles justice. Unfortunately, my ratings are revolved around gameplay, so you get a two.

A little faster

Nice map.
Demo Data


...fastest AGD could be improved a lot...
Demo Data


...i love this map a tona buncha lotta...

Nice Job

WalrusofDeath and TheAdster, i will ded my next to maps to both of you!


level is awesome. 4.5aved


I figured it out myself.
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By the way, I have a question: I try adding userlevels, but whenever I try it says (add bucktoothed computer voice here) "Userlevels.txt is a read-only file. Attempt to overwrite?...OVERWRITE FAILED. Closing without saving file."


Not really a puzzle though. 4.5/5


my levels! I need oppinions, please. It'll be fun, you'll get ice cream (almost)! (Try "Hej", it's almost like a DDA, only you have to press Four buttons: left, right, jump and restart)

Thank you:)

Like your level too, well done. Really deserves its rating

Really slow AGD.

Really fun map.
Looks amaaazing.
Demo Data


meh not amazing


I could do better, but spect (or wedgie) is just gonna beat me anyway. Nice level. :)
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Tileset just rocks

Nothing special though. Not too puzzlish. 4/5 + .5 for ts.


Some of the best

tileset and decorative placing I've ever seen. It's like a wedding cake, it's tragic when I have to play it. 4.


that was awsome, both demos are really quick!
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Demo Data
Doing it's the hard part. Kudos to AN3S.

Love this map. Great ideas. 4.5aved.
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well done

thats quick
when talking about a cheat, then I found it
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