El Gusano de Mexicano

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Author toby3p0
Tags author:toby3p0 n-art rated
Created 2006-11-30
Last Modified 2006-11-30
by 27 people.
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Description Thank God for math and debate. (where I did almost all of this). Please rate and comment. Just to let you know, the big picture doesn't look too great unless you put it in edit mode. Wow, this was rated up really fast...

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It's an Italian flag. French is Red White Blue.

Very Nice 4/5aved

Pretty cool,

but you could have added something to the upper part of the level. Sorry, but why does he have the French flag? Well, it doesn't matter. I know how hard it is to fill a small area with green color. A good N art nonetheless. You've done your best in a short time. 4/5.
Great art! I like to see ones like this 5/5
jk its really good....


Perfect. The reason N art exists. Naved, Where N = 5.



good job dude. 4.5/5


Very nice... Like the flag

nice map 5/5

great job....too bad you couldnt make the flag green
You must be quick at making these!



this is kind of random