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Author Clifty
Tags author:clifty bitesized dda multienemy rated
Created 2006-12-23
Last Modified 2007-06-22
by 81 people.
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Merry Christmas.

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I might need to play it in n v1.4 because i'm using nreality for it.

Do i have to load a full map before playing?

NOT amazing

I just get killed by the gauss turret.

Absolutly amazing

This is the best dda I've ever seen;)

Now that, Clifty,

is insanity. 4.5


:O wow this is insanity!


U r the craziest DDA maker in this world!!!
are u a human???

and by the way

have every single one of your DDA's been the top rated? That's almost scary.
Your DDA's, this in particular, cause me to lose the will to live.

(That is, because I lose all hope of equaling them.)


The only thing I didn't like was the circular tileset. 5/5
I still think it was a brilliant DDA. 5/5 and faved


great propulsion. but sometimes too many enemies is a bad thing. 4/5


you're better than this. still pretty nice though.
And jugglin, you've been working on 8000 for... six months now? :P

Seriously, Dude.

Go get some fresh air - you spend all your time indoors - and get back on those yellowpurple pills. They're for your own good.


I hate your DDAs

man they are good ill rate all of thm 5/5 but Im in the middle of making a huge DDA right now and when i watch your DDAs it makes it seem like i may as well not bother because someone else has already mastered this category

Still worth a 4. How long did it take you to make it?


I thought you said 5000.

Nice DDA,

But if youre going to go for length, better plan on 6000.
I'm putting the finishing on a new one that that runs for 5218 right now. I dont know how much more I can squeeze into it.
Oh yeah, this DDA, 5aved.

looks, watches


Oh I know all this.

I just do one of these every so often, this is not one of my better ones.

Yes, it will have a lot of loops. (I'm probably just being unrealistic.) :P

50,000 frames?

wouldnt that simply require a loop, which would in fact make it an infinity frame (wow...grammar fail there) dda?
I'm working on 8k atm...its pretty tricky. Good luck!
But i would really enjoy seeing some DDAs that aren't so crowded with enemies...its been done again, and again, and again..well you get the point.
Lets see some originality folks!
I can't really rate this fairly.


This really wasn't great. In fact, it was a mess. There was so much shit packed into such a small space that I could derive no real pleasure from watching one thing melt into another, with no discernible action. Some DDAs make you think "Wow. How did they do that?". Some, like this one, just make you think how obviously someone doctored this to make it seem wonderful.

Two for effort.
*accidentally double posted*


Crap. I'm working on a DDA that's similar to this one...


i must say, thats pretty good, not your best but very good.
my onlt trouble is that it took too long for the enemies to fire, because there were too many, and they were placed to a pattern :(
Also Clifty, yes we know your DDAs are great, and you do them very well, but cant you make something different every once-in-a-while

If you don't like what I have to say, too bad
would you prefer it if I was like everyone else muttering wooow oooh aaaah 4.5/5


definatly deserved top rated, you should tell everyone that you need to press "1" b4 you play so it will work so noobs won't get your rating any lower! 5aved.

Some information...

1. This is going into the Deck of cards Map Series.

2. When I finished this DDA last night, evveryone on IRC was waiting for me to submit it. I opened up NUMA, and went to N to paste the level data.

I hit tab q.

I hadn't saved.


I managed to rebuild most of the ending from memory, but unfortunately it was about 100 frames shorter.




Go here.

It's my DDA guide, and it tells you how to use all the propulsions. ;)

Oh my goodness.

If this doesn't deserve a 5/5, I don't know what does. Absolutely no gold delay and so many close calls with the rockets and gausses, this is one crazy DDA. The best I've seen so far. 5/5 from me.


There hasn't been one DDA made by Clifty that I didn't rate perfect for yet...

A few questions...

1) How do you do normal door propulsion?
2) How do you do bounce block propulsion?

Your average rating is 4.5/5. Keep it up, and you'll be the best mapmaker on NUMA (already best DDA maker).
Five out of five.

Oh Yes...

Merry Christmas to you too! :)

Tonnes Of Enemies!

Brilliant man, I must say. You like your DDAs, dont you?



It's creepy how you could cram so many enemies in there.