Psychotic Racing

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Author _BrighterShadeOfBlue_
Tags author:_brightershadeofblue_ bitesized playable race rated
Created 2006-12-16
by 16 people.
Map Data

Description Hooray! This is my first submitted map to Numa. I have been here for a bit, chatting to a few users.
I had a good look around at other maps and I enjoyed a lot of them. But there was one map that caught my interest.
It was one of Sendy's maps called Psychotic Mined Games.
That was my inspiration for this map, so I dedicate it to her.
You can find her map here:



makes me remember psycotic mined game
very nice 5/5
hahaha... dammit, I suck.

I love you

I'm a bad bad person. Sorry guys.


seriously, wtf?


whered the ratings go?!?!?!


excellent first map, but no rating, even though the comments say...nvm.

this is weird...
I never would have guessed it was you though. not in 1000 years. well, maybe. but anyway...
still a great map.


I don't understand. How can this be my second map, or my third. You can click on my name to see my stats.
Probably the best I've seen. 5aved
here it is. i based it somewhat off of this map.


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as far as I got.

fantastic first map. And I do think this is a race, not a flowy action.
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what difference does it make what category its in?

and McP's right:
are you sure you haven't been here before?
One of the main reasons for races to be called what they are is because theyre meant to be flowy. Yes, this is a very good first submitted map, but I think its action. In my AGD I tried to grab the limited flow.

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First map?

Nice job. Good thing you did look around though. As they said, thankfully you never just started spamming up Numa.

I'll be looking for you maps. Keep it up. 4.5/5


Its's really slow, but at least its a completion.
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My first attempt

Just lost by a frame. I'll give you some proper feedback tomorrow.
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two things

reverse psychology kicks ass
and i doubt you're a new person.


there's plenty of flow, it's just not blaringly obvious like most races.


What smiley? It's NUMA. It's not set up for smilies like forums are.

Nice first map

I no longer give sympathy for first maps. 4/5. I think that's what it deserves. It's not a race. There really is no real flow.

*raises eyebrow*

Hmm... It won't take the keyboard smilies in comments.



Killer concept.

Nice work.
going to bed.
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Well hi there.

I've seen you around, you seem quite intelligent, and I love what I've seen of you so far. Great first map, nice tiles, nice objects, pretty nice gameplay.

If you haven't already, consider joining the N forums: ... And if you have any questions just ask. And welcome to numa, but I'm going to warn you, this place isn't perfect :P I still love it though. Hope you do too.

up to that point

about 70 frames faster than neme
Demo Data


i think im done for now...maybe ill try some more later...

wonderful level...
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this looks jsut like yours, except 300 frames faster...
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good demo, but i messed up and got a door...not quite as far as my previous one...
Demo Data
But that is with trying for all of the gold pieces.
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alright, we may declare our little conversation dead and move on to the still working on a completion one...

lol @ jayx

and sorry for hyperextending it neme (and BSOB)

Five for Five?

Thanks everyone.
I didn't expect to come back to this page and see it rated already. A few good demos so far.
Don't worry about it Nemetacyst, post as much as you like.
i gave you a 5.

i must say, neme, the funniest part of that whole thing was wulfgang calling me a "junior" member... ay.


you COMPLETELY missed the point (who gets the joke?)

traction, your intelligence is not in question and never was, you can stop whenever you want...

its cool

i make that mistake sometimes too(ive learned not to for the same reasons you now know)

no hard feelings, id just appreciate it if less ppl instantly jumped down my throat at the first opportunity

i possess..

infinite vocabulary. never question the authority of traction over the english language, and his thesaurus-like registrar of useful expressions and phrases. muhaha. err. and if you must know, i'm 19 and have been thru a year of college.

and for further proof of my grasp of linguistics,
(stories i wrote for an english class)