Holy Buttons Batman

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Author dejablue4
Tags action author:dejablue4 playable unrated
Created 2006-12-13
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description So I was talking with brttrx.
And he inspired me to make a map.
I thought i should make it different.
But it turned out generic.
So i threw in z-snap gold.
And shazam, here it is.
But this map is not for brttrx.


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Faster AGD..

Boring level. :(
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Yeah, but ..

.. the gold really detracts from the coolness of the map.

Call me shallow, whatever. :P

yea i know krusch

thanks, this map was not one that i thought about long and hard to make perfect... i just wanted to get a flowy and fun map

Trust me.

You could have done much cooler things with z-snap.

AGD pretty slow

this is better than average. 3.5.
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Demo Data


pretty fast
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the gold was for fun. ignore it if you must.
But the level is kind of fun.


quite flowy... but not without some skill :P
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