Firecracker Coming Undone

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Author dejablue4
Tags author:dejablue4 bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-11-26
Last Modified 2006-11-27
by 5 people.
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Description --New Innovation--

This is a really simple puzzle. Following the pattern (see my demo) will get you around a 1100-frame completion demo... to my knowledge, the fastest possible completion is around 400 frames... so once you figure out the pattern, be risky, and go for faster times

Thanks to brttrx for some tileset help, and also for last night. it was amazing.

Dedicated to Jig for a demo on a map of mine.

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thanks for the comment dude but could you rate the map?


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actually, i like this more now. still a bit short though. 4.5
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i agree with spike

good map, it just seemed a little boring.
read deja's comment here:
"its just that i dont go around looking at maps and wondering if i should bitesize it or not... thats not my first priority when looking at maps, i first play them... thats why i skip over many maps that are bitesize worthy and just play them... not bitesize them"
^i think that's what you're NOT doing. you've bitesized alot of maps that really aren't the best of the best.
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And never even noticed that it was dedicated to me. Thank you muchly. Levels are fun to do that thing that playing is. So I do. And it's what I do do that is what I do.

Happiness is my quality that it is which I embody.........ment.

And then the sex happens hard hard hard hard harder harder harder bang bang shock!




Seems like an expansion on EB's idea, it's neat and all, but not really your best.

*eyes mc_george menacingly*

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its ok...
please comment peoples? thanks.

The fastest

I can go. Great map.
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Very fast

sub 400
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PM me

on what you think it is mc_george...

amazing demos guys btw...


I think I've figured it out.
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I think it has got something to do with the one ways. 5aved and Bitesized.
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Cool idea

this is as fast as I've gone so far.
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pattern demo

Be risky, try going faster... but only after you figure out what the pattern is
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