Large and Swift

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Author dejablue4
Tags action author:dejablue4 playable rated
Created 2006-12-12
Last Modified 2006-12-12
by 20 people.
Map Data

Description So brttrx made a tileset.
I chopped it up and put it back together.
He decided to make a map with it.
I decided to make a map with it.
This was his map:
This is my map.


Dedicated to Cooby for a demo on some previous map of mine. Congrats :)

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fastest non-AGD

Demo Data

Faster Demo!

Sry i sent two demos but i had to send this one, and whats an agd?
Demo Data


Heres a fast demo, prob the fastest
Demo Data

Here's an AGD.

I got one demo, which was less than 500 frames, but i missed 1 gold piece.
Demo Data

Much faster AGD.

Demo Data

Fastest AGD!!

Demo Data


Demo Data

Slow AGD

Demo Data

Fun map.
Demo Data


non agd
Demo Data

very fast demo

fastest i think
Demo Data

Snail-like AGD

great map though.
Demo Data


I just looked at your user info page and it says that you have two rated maps out of 172. How do you keep going?

i genuinly had fun

Demo Data

Lovely to AGD

although the map feels incomplete without going for the agd but thats ignorable. The level feels great to play, i like maps where the challenge come from striving for a nice run instead of just finishing.4.5
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dejablue aka MidnightGetaway had his/her maps' votes reset.


Demo Data


Interesting map..
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just wahtever skyline said..



ohh. I give you your first publically rated map :-O

crazy good

just like poptarts...

awesome flow, agd is fun and easy. the trampolines are used very well in such a small space.

Awesome map.

You made 172 maps... and not one of them has a public rating?!?! AUGH! 4.5/5
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Cool map.

slow AGD

good map. 4.5
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Demo Data

Really nice,

4/5, feels new and exciting...
Demo Data

Very neat

The gauss are deceitful, there's not as many places to hide from them as it seems. I saw the tile set and thought rocket/chaingun, but the gauss's how you have them work very nicely.

1 tileset

2 completly different maps... cool :)
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