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Author dejablue4
Tags author:dejablue4 test unrated
Created 2006-11-13
Last Modified 2006-12-07
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Action? Race?

Well this is obviously a mini-sizing of Nevermore's amazing level Speak. I threw in a little of my own style... hope it didnt screw it up :P

Original map:

And keep the suggestions coming:

Edit: forgot to mention, thanks to Brttrx for making some slight adjustments to the level

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5,0 + fav...
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nice interpretation. There are ideas i never would have thought of.


so why not test level? can i make one? see how much more people hate it?


It flows really well. 4.5/5
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edited it... and the bounceblocks on the side were brttrx's idea... but thanks


That's my map!
Pretty good interpretation (especially the bounceblocks on the sides - that was a very cool addition). By the way, the tileset isn't vertically symmetrical. At the top there are two E tiles where at the bottom there aren't.

Oh yeah a_g,

go ahead and act like your the most original person here, when all you do is interpret other peoples ideas in all your maps. And quit your bitching on everything, christ.

These maps

are for people to enjoy... thats the reason why i started this... and it gave me a reason to stay with numa


these mini maps are so unorigianl

Suggested flow

but theres many paths... thats what i love about this level... enjoy! :)
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