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Author dejablue4
Tags author:dejablue4 bitesized test unrated
Created 2006-11-14
Last Modified 2006-12-07
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Inspired by MasterJMD...

Interesting little mine-jumper map... just the right difficulty for me but that might mean its a bit easy for some of you... i dont know, but give it a shot and id appreciate some feedback... thanks. and of course enjoy :)

Thanks to brttrx for helping me get started with the outside design... we're thinking about making a collab account... hmm

And keep the suggestions coming:

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i'm not very impressed. its too generic..not original. not really fun either. its neat looking however.

My Second Try

I didnt want to put my first one on... too embarrasing. Brilliant anyways... 5/5
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you should credit
i just think this is overrated
But wow. And Jiggerjaw, that's an awesome demo. Nice job Deja. 5/5!

amazing demo jig

i guess i'll just have to ded it

Sheer brilliance.

I wouldn't be surprised if this became one of the highest rated maps.... Congratulations on a job well done.


well screw it. i saw you mess up a little though


how can i put this?

Something indeed.
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pretty lucky and unlikely jump
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nice demos guys

wouldnt a sub2000 AGD be something... :P

second try

nice tileset. gameplay pretty good too. 4.5
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You've encorporated his style well in this map. The original that he did is one of my favourite maps on Numa. This isn't far behind it, well done =]]

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only good

if you go for gold cuz i beat on first try where i didn't go for gold


bussey actually rated 5...
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AGD, faster

sub 2200
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took a while but i really enjoyed playing this map
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especially the tileset.


give me a sub2000 AGD and i'll give you a ded... might consider sub2200 AGD
pretty nice demo bussey

sweet map

4.5. and faved.


enjoyed this one.. 5/5
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