Shattered Track

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Author tktktk
Tags author:tktktk bitesized playable race rated v1.3c
Created 2005-03-25
Last Modified 2006-03-08
by 66 people.
Map Data

Description Short easy map, but a blast while it lasts. The rockets are pretty harmless, they are there just to add some excitement and discourage shortcutting.

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Shhhhit almost!
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Fastest AGD

604 frames
Someone go for Sub-600?
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Demo Data

3 Years on and..

I have the fastest All Gold DEMO!!
and it's Submitted to Nreality :P
Demo Data

152.675 sec

Demo Data
But it's good for me =(.

6 more frames and it would have been 666 =).
Demo Data

152.6 sec

Demo Data

Demo Data

Fastest AGD

Good quick fun. 5aved
Demo Data

Yes box!

Demo Data

5.0 ,)

Fastest AGD...
Demo Data

Great map

Demo Data

okay map

doesn't flow so well though. 4/5

first try...

this is a good map. 4.5/5.
Demo Data

my god

you people are fast
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Demo Data


a very fun map. It's very good thing.
Demo Data
i submitted a demo. Hope its good. Good luck to tktktk on winning the next Dronies.
Demo Data

OHHH ya...

Second try.
Demo Data

The category...

Has now been changed from action to race. Just so you know.


Third try.
Demo Data

Demo Data
So here's a very fast 'conventional route' demo for your enjoyment. A frame faster than my previous demo.
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i love this map, it's very fun, and the flow is amazing, well done, keep those great maps coming.
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Just a little too basic for a 5
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I made a sequel yay! This is the link:


`all gold
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Love it

I love it. It should be a race though...

Very fun

It's like the satisfaction of evading the rockets in bombshelter x6. Fun fun fun!

Very, very fun.

That made me feel so ninja-y.
Demo Data

Speed demo...

The conventional route might be faster, but just showing a different approach.
Demo Data
4n (not to burst your bubble. It's just to strait.

Curse you

I was mid- way in making a map just like this! But you beat me to it... oh well... and it's very begrudgingly that I give you the 5 you definately deserve.


i really like this map it is not impossible and it is real fun the rockets are awesome.


I can get 3 frames faster than this. Oh well e.e Great Map. 5/5
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Hadn't seen wind's demo.
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Speed all gold

Awesome map. You need more like these.
Demo Data

Fun map

I like it a lot :)
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