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Author tktktk
Tags action author:tktktk bitesized playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-03-25
by 48 people.
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Description We have here a very easy, enjoyable level my friends. I tried to keep it really simple and open.

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silly me

now it's fast.
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broke 700

... all gold is just too hard with this map.
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I really hate that word, but the map is great, 5/5


and bitesized. i dont know what people think abouyt bitesizing old maps but im sure this deserves it.

114.1 sec

cool map
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Good to see this at the top.

great action map

well thought of. 5/5


It was back on the top rated again! But personally, I don't particularly like this map that much. 4/5

i love this map. 4.5/5


Speed by about 100 frames.
Great map.
Commented a bit late though.
Silly me.
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Good stuff.

Not really my favourite, but I can't quite pin down why. Here's a slightly faster demo.
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Speed demo...

Man this map is fun.
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Very simple and fun


Thanks nevermore, and you're right, I was sort of trying some of LV's techniques on for size.
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Wow cool

reminds me of a littleviking map. I like it a lot, because of the simplicity. Great fun, probably one of your best maps.
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