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Author tktktk
Tags author:tktktk bitesized playable puzzle rated v1.3c
Created 2005-03-13
by 36 people.
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Description A Lucidium-style puzzle. No enemies, just you, the switches, and the goal. Easy right? Well, not quite as simple as you would think.

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I did

it in n 1.4 at the userlevels. Im doing to do it in Nreality once too :)


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fastest AGD so far

Many ninjas died to bring you this demo. Honor them.
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JiggerJaw, your AGD is 7 frames faster than mine. If only I didn't have to go back for that last gold.
Demo Data


Demo Data

What fun!

Thanks to the demos here, I was finally able to pass this myself!
Demo Data


Please tell me this did not just happen.
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almost all-gold

i didn't find it excessively hard, just easy to make a mistake (especially right on the last switch)
main reason i had trouble was playing it in userlevels :P
woulda been an all-gold but i didn't realize i missed one until the very end.
don't look unless you're stuck, I suppose. great map, 5/5
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Faster all gold

Why not?
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All Gold

Wow...I remember when I first tried this map, before I understood double jumps. I've come a long way since then. Now I'll work on getting it hella fast. Wish me luck!
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Great Level

I had fun solving this puzzle :), though it was really hard and I first thought that'd be impossible.
Because here's no 1.4 demo I'll show you mine, but as tktktk said "ONLY LOOK IF YOU'RE REALLY STUCK."
Demo Data

I give up.

Is the the 1.3c demo the latest you have in solving this puzzle?


This is the best map ever! lol...I really love puzzles like this one, and this is a stunning example. Too hard for me however, but well done :)


It's too hard for me :)

A few things...

First, I'm really glad you guys liked it. It got more attention than I expected.

I'm also glad that although several ways have been discovered to complete some sections it's still sufficiently challenging.

Finally, I'd like to encourage all of you to check out Lucidium's no-enemy puzzlers as well, they're awesome.

third way up

Here is my ugly demo of a third way up after the first two switches, with also an embarrassing death. You could really just quit watching after the first few seconds.
Demo Data

another way up

Here is my ugly demo of a second way up after the first two switches. There is also a third way, but it is much more annoying for me.
Demo Data


what fun! yes i beat it, im just too ashamed to post my demo with the original tktk's demo. maybe if i went all gold...


just wow 5/5, and thats for your demo tktktk

How freaky!

I impacted the ground on the 10kth frame o_O

(Note: Demo is boring and not complete)
Demo Data

I have no clue

how to get back up. So I suicided at the end.
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Oh, man

I feel stupid. I tried it MANY times w/o frame by frame, but then I couldn't do it the way I thought you were supposed to.

Great fun.

I do love a good jump puzzle. And I like how you managed to make it all out of one shape. I think the hardest part was getting back up after the first two switches. Is there an easier method that I'm missing?
Anyway, here's my all-gold demo.
Demo Data

Here ye go...

Demo Data


Almost every part of that was done differently than I intended. Then again, I'm pretty sure you must have used frame by frame for some of those parts... also, you're thinking too hard, most of these are pretty simple to figure out.

I encourage you guys to try and figure it out for yourselves before you look at any demos.


really hard. I can't figure a couple of parts out.
Demo Data

Demos please...

I'll hold off on making my own for now. The switches are somewhat tough but the gold is really easy, so all-gold shouldn't be much harder.