Blue_Tetris Revival Series: 6311

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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris featured rated test
Created 2006-07-23
Last Modified 2006-07-23
by 19 people.
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Description Another oldy-but-a-goody.

In the general style of my Quickswitch maps.

Give it a shot and post some demos.


Tell me what you think of the Revival Series.

This map was featured on 2011-02-01

Run on the thwump, grab the switch, run on the thwump, next level.

The strongest aspect of this map is its clear and simple goal system. One always knows what to do next. In some maps this can end up boring, but here it works well because the action is so solid. Incredibly fun thwump-running and drone-dodging. How could you go wrong?

blue_tetris has timed these drones with finesse; to add gold would only introduce extraneous goals, and distract from what makes this map work so well.

Bonus points to anyone who can recall the original title. This includes blue_tetris. — krusch

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and this one

I played this one, too. Beat it first try, believe it or not.
Demo Data
and am loving it. 5!

This map was subbed on my birthday <3

amount of drones

take my frame rate to about 50-70 ms/f so it's pretty difficult for me
I tried to capitalize on that. Theoretical minimum jumps = 2 for each tunnel, 2 for first chimney, 3 each for other two chimneys... almost got it

minimum might be below that if you can thump squeeze, not sure if possible.
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Absolutely deserved.
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This map is awesome, though.
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much better BT feature choice. This is a map where his unusual style really shines. I just want to keep playing. Will complete eventually, third tunnel on this run is ridiculous...
Demo Data
because they are too stupid hard to have any enjoyment, but this level here is a true gem. I love playing this, and I'll get past that last level (heading back) someday.

Cool beans

Liking the thwump runner theme we've got goin on lately


a bacon_tcheeseburger map again...

b_t again



here's an example of a raw but stylish look /and/ great gameplay.

Excellent gameplay

I love this

First b_t map in a while that I've actually liked. Nothing against him, just how it is. This is great though ^^


brilliant gameplay.
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Nice feature,

but guys. b_t again? D:


agdd on the last tunnel. Very fun.
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On NReality
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fantastic map, great feature krusch!


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A hidden gem.


I love it too that your first two comments are almost exactly a year apart, remm.
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a completion demo.
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Demo Data


the last 1 is real difficult