The Separated Serpent

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Author dejablue4
Tags author:dejablue4 playable race unrated
Created 2006-07-18
Last Modified 2006-07-20
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Dedication to lamezorlad for posting the fastest AGD completion on \"Star Struck\" ... im giving you a ded all to yourself :)

I called this a race... but i didnt work too much on getting the flow into it... so this basically means that you will have to hit your jumps to keep the flow... different from previous races where you could basically just jump around mindlessly and the map keeps the flow for you... so please dont down rate if you dont find the flow... thanx

Please rate, comment, and post demos... and of course enjoyy!

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Here's a cheesy demo anyway
Demo Data


last poster.

heres ur ded swanky
thanx... ill keep that in mind the next time i make a map :P
But just because it's in the description, doesn't mean it's going to be rated down. It's like a DDA with only bounce pads saying, "This DDA has a lot of bounce pads, but it's special in its own way, so don't rate it down for that."

Like an unofficial stop sign. :P
And you admitted you didn't work enough to keep the flow, which would give you a rating of 3-4 anyways. You always need to work hard on your maps IMO.

Too fun!

5/5! As simple as that.

Fun, interesting and seemingly uncheatable. 5aved!


people just dont know how to read!!!!!!!!!!

(=';'=) he make my Squirrel mad

oh geez

i knew someone would say that... d'you read the description? oh well it was bound to happen sometime... thanx for trying out my map
Kind of errr average.
Nothing really special here and not really flowy. 3.

damn you swanky

i thought i might win...

even faster

Demo Data

faster :)

4th try pure luck lol
Demo Data

2nd try

ill get it soon
Demo Data

thanx guys

glad u like it... frogs is owning :)

1st try

good level
Demo Data

Demo Data


Demo Data

once again

Demo Data

This is alright.

I might improve on it. Nice level, though.
Demo Data


Demo Data


Demo Data

that rocks.

Flow seems to be cool, once u get used to it... :)


Here you go.
Demo Data


but a start.
Demo Data