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Author LouDog004
Tags action author:loudog004 bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2006-06-27
by 27 people.
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Description *ROAR*

This map was featured on 2009-11-21

When I looked at LouDog's profile and saw there were no features of his maps, I was shocked! What we got here is a gem; it has gold that look like ANIMALS? Good aesthetics. Harmonious tile and enemy arrangements? MAGNIFICENT. And that one gold-animal that looks like it's sliding down a slope to the right is awesome. — sept

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i love your map leftorium make another like that pleeeeeeeaaaase

I'm way better

than this guy

(sept is awesome)

* but that

stupid comma splice >.>
I think flag's comment sums it up.

But for the real portion of my comment: I understand that sept likes to do all this weird stuff and people like it (and I too personally love it most of the time), that doesn't make everything he does awesome. I personally hated the review. :/
i think blackson's comment sums it up.

Pretty cool.

I think Yahoozy's comment sums it up.


-most overused word on numa.
pretty cool, i think LVs comment sums it up.
especially around the beginning. when its not boring its really fun, though.


is really under appreciated. He makes consistently fun maps. This one is no exception. Good choice for a review!


Save the animales.


Amazing enemy selection and placement, with these tiles. 4.5 rounded down.
This had some weird flair. Good feature, esp. as LouDog was lacking.
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Didn't think I'd like it, at first glance, but I did; quite fun, and the drones are well used.
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sept is the /best/ reviewer.


about friggin time


About time, too.


Those animals are nice. Very nice.


Very cool and innovative, and the drones really sped things up and gave it a challenging twist. 5

A demo.

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very nice map...loved it!

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my new favorite level. and clovic. STFU!! emos don't get friends like these. ;]]


Friends for lonely clovic!

All gold demo

I'm glad you like my zoo. Come and play with the animals any time you like.
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It's ok.
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cool map 4.5/5

I like it.

Both cute and silly.


Too easy