The Gloaming

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Author jugglingenius
Tags author:jugglingenius dda rated
Created 2006-06-07
by 21 people.
Map Data

Description Yes...a reference to radiohead. This will probably be my last map for a long time, because i am about to lose my laptop (and my only source of N). Now unto the DDA...
A KRADDA powered by Thuwmps. I know that it looks cluttered, but it (at least in my opinion) plays quite smoothly. I really like the mechanics as well. Enjoy it, i think it is my best level ever.
P.S. I recomend watching it twice. The first time, watch it and pay attention to the ninja. The second time, add this data to the end of the map
and watch the rocket.

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I'm working on a thwump-powered no-gold, no-launchpad,4000-4500 frame KRADDA that repeats. It's fricking hard though.

and one last thing

I did what you asked :P

two things

right back at 'cha. One, i am already a member, i just don't do much there. Second, i am working on a DDA with no gold delay that should, if all things go according to play, reach over 8000 frames. It wont be very exciting though.


gold delay thwumps?
I like the idea.
two other things...
one i outdid your record:
and two you should join these forums


nice. Should be 4.5/5 but cas it gives those noob maps the kick in the ass they deserve it get 5/5!!!

I might try again

to get rid of the gold (adn hopefully the brutal snipers). Should i add mines for "suspence"?


i tried taking out the gold, but it messed things up...


5/5 from me. I know its especially difficult to make a KRADDA, but making it with thwumps adds a new level of difficulty. Making the thwumps timing's correct and having a path for the rocket to go through shows me the effort and time you put into this; thus deserving the highest raring. Oh, by the way, I took into consideration your proposition of a non-"cluttered" mapand it is currently in the works. It probably won't turn out right, but at least it's a step in the right direction.
Dunno ifit'll cock it up. I won't rate yet cos otherwise I'll mark it down for unneeded gold (bringing it to 4.5 ¬,¬)


be a 4 but i like radiohead, 4.5/5
5/5. Very nice indeed.